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Gaga Celebrating Haus Labs Award


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16 minutes ago, magichat said:

Cool. But … Why is she serving lip filler and a sunburn? :trollga:

Why wouldn’t she be serving lip filler and sunburn :giveup: she’s our lip filler sunburn queen 

Been a cuff touple, a puff bupple, a tough couple of years.
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Why does she always post after I post the thread? :madge:

The Adele of GGD's Member & Rain on Me Awards 2020
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"Miss Gaga...Miss Gaga..."

"What, I'm in the bathroom"

"Miss Gaga you just won an award and we need to do an instagram post-"

"I told you I don't give a f*ck about Chromatica anymore now let me sh!t in peace-"

"It's for Haus Labs"

"Get my camera"


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Queen Chucky

She looks sunburnt, this photo makes me uncomfortable (physically). Get some water and rest, gurl. 

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