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Bison sculptures perfectly preserved in French cave are 14k-year-old


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Art has been around since the dawn of time; prehistoric cave paintings can be found in grottos and on cliffs around the world. However, intact prehistoric sculpture remains a rare find for archeologists, though not impossible. And when discovered, they provide a fascinating insight into the lives of the earliest cultures.

In southwest France, a system of three large caves adjacent to the River Volp present some of the finest examples of Paleolithic art in Europe. Among the wonders of the caves is a small, complex sculpture of two bison sculpted in clay.

This artwork dates back to about 13,000 BCE and offers a mysterious clue to scholars interested in early Magdalenian culture.


Careful exploration of the caves turned up hundreds of examples of artwork by the Stone Age Magdalenian peoples.

These ancient humans were known to hunt reindeer, horses, and other big game during the waning of the Ice Age. Their ancient living and ritual sites have been found in France and Spain and include cave art, engraved bones, and other artifacts.


Source - https://mymodernmet.com/bison-sculpture-tuc-daudoubert/

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