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Nicki Minaj vs Piers Morgan feud

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NicoB Minaj
50 minutes ago, Phantomhive said:

She got exposed, started beef with at least 3 celebs, and made anti-vaxx statements all in like less than 2 months. Ma'am, pick a struggle :bradley:

Is she trying to overthrone Azealia?:bradley:

Pull up in the monster automobile gangsta
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Omg she's spending all day being shady and arguing online. She should join ggdaily 

"I know... We all look alike" "Pierce" "What's AGT I was on American Idol" *shown clip of her on AGT* "that's not me" This entire exchange is ****ing 


Jesy in her basement, calling cardi to replace nicki on her debut track 

Computer Working GIF

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Miss Dolly

This has me dying of laughter. Really brightened up a crap day

Blue smoke is the heartbreak train
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Super random but the only problem I have with Mike’s Mic (iconic Australian  twink and youtuber) is that he’s a Nicki stan :(

bring on that pecan pie
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Munchlax tends to store food in its long fur, although it sometimes forgets about its hidden food.
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22 hours ago, Teletubby said:

poor Jesy Nelson :neyde:

Idgi they didnt mention her?

Kanye West Is Blonde And Gone
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2 minutes ago, KanyeWest said:

Idgi they didnt mention her?

Nicki is supposed to be a feature on Jesy's new song so now Nicki is being messy they feel bad for her. 

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