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Shawn Mendes - Happier Than Ever (Billie Eilish Cover)

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yall really will make the most of anything... the cover is good, the guy is talented. 

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FFXIV WhiteMage

I love him but what a mess :laughga: 

He should have just sang the low notes a bit higher where he'll be more comfortable and the high notes to a bit lower where he can hit them.  :spin:

 Even Billie lowered the key and was using backing track vocals.

The song itself isn't even vocally demanding it's just not so good singers tries to sing them live. :laughga:

He still hot though :pray:

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Karen Smith
4 hours ago, Fish said:

the cover is good, the guy is talented. 

Me when I lie. 

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Once again y'all are SO dramatic :billie:

It was a decent cover, I'm just not a fan of his voice in general and also, this song specifically really benefits from the sonically different tones in the first half and second half. It's much more impactful that way. Kudos to him for playing both instruments and giving it a shot. 

I'm not even sure Billie plays guitar (does she?) I'm a Billie stan and I have no idea. 

House Party Friday Feeling GIF by Billie Eilish

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