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Madonna - Madame X (Paramount+ trailer)

Joshua James

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I love Madonna not just because of her- I love her for Madonna's passion. She is so passionate with every single projects. Treats very importantly! 


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salty like sodium

I wish more artists were as devoted to their fans as Madonna is. She's the only one he serves every single concert tour she makes on DVD/VHS/streaming/Blu-Ray and that is what makes a true queen imo.

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i love herrr :teehee:

imagine caring about your fans and doing a dvd for your tours :selena:

I’m my bestfriend
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1 minute ago, Plastic Flower said:

I'm so happy that we're getting the tour :bradley: it's hard to be a monster

The struggle is real luv

Stop singing my part now, baby!
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3 hours ago, HelloBarbara said:

Can u get Paramount + in the UK? If not how can we get this here?

It will be broadcast on MTV in countries where there’s no Paramount+. Don’t think you can get Paramount+ in the UK just yet, but not sure.

Once it goes to streaming it should also be easy to find online. 

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I am ready. I recently got Paramount+ for free. 

Anchor.fm/VLADIANPA - Last.fm/user/Garzilazo
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