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UPDATE: Apple users update your devices

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Should I wait for a update because every time they launch one it comes with so many bugs and battery issues. :yennefer:

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People find the timing suspicious that it's the night before the apple event, and that this is the update that will slow down your phones so you need to get a new one. :gum:

I did it though. :sleep:

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3 hours ago, WheresMy911Alice said:

Which one do you have? I have the 3 and love it, just wondering if it's worth upgrading or not. My camera is uh maze

I have the 5. But I had the 2XL until I bought it in 2020. I bought it because Oct 2020 were the last security updates for the Pixel 2 and 2xl. But I wish I would have waited for the 6. It looks so good. So make sure you're aware when your phone stops receiving security updates. 

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I remember the days where the iPhone “was immune to viruses.” Clearly never fully true, but wow hearing how this hack works…

spyware criminals really snapped 

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