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Adele is coming this week


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According to Mauler from Stingray Radio, Adele is dropping this week. according to at*l  new Adele album is titled 30. First single on October 12. Album on November 19.

Welcome to London🎶 It's been waiting for you 🎶 Welcome to London, welcome to London 🎶 Sorry I had to

'Bold new sound' - yep, pop transition confirmed. Her 1989 era is here. 

1 minute ago, Tinnitus15 said:

Adele,Drake,Taylor shipping/dropping…The battle for the #1s

Adele will release single first and album in November 

"I don't care about facts" ~ @Jill (July 27th, 2021)
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4 minutes ago, G U C C I said:

PRAYING for a Gaga feature on the album :tony:

I think she won't have any features

"I don't care about facts" ~ @Jill (July 27th, 2021)
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8 minutes ago, Tinnitus15 said:

Some insiders are hinting she might have :/

Yep - I've heard that Taylor and Beyonce are on it. I think the latter is pretty much guaranteed. The former was debunked but a very reliable Taylor insider has been hinting at Adele's release, which makes me think the feature might be real, after all. Adele is a huge Taylor fan - it's why she contacted Max Martin.

subtext / fantasy
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