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Akon says rich and famous people struggle more than poor people

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You guys I am sorry. I didnt mean to offend anyone when I wrote my post here yesterday.

I thought it was just a typo from the video. I never knew that its a racial slur. :messga:


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Ohhhh noooo, financial security? Wealth and fame? How terrible!!!! I feel so bad for rich people, how do they cope???? Thots and prayers. 

I seriously doubt it is more but I believe anyone who thinks they don't struggle just as much as others is crazy. Money and fame simply give you a different set of problems, it doesn't eliminate them.

7 hours ago, Ivy said:

I understand what you're saying but..

With money you always have opportunity to change your situation to some degree that a person in poverty does not

For instance your example here:

A person w money can hire a bodyguard, but a person who is poor & living in unsafe area can't do that

Anyways, everyone has struggles but to say that rich & famous struggle more than poor people.. I believe this is a false statement

I would agree its a false statement for the rich but i dont know about those that are famous also


I just cant imagine the amount of pressure.


I honestly dont believe being devoid of financial stress alone fully compensates the amount of pressure and stress that comes with fame


If u have a lot of money but arent famous, id take that life over an average joe life... but i would not take wealth over an average joe life if it had to come with fame (especially extreme fame)

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18 hours ago, flyaway said:

Patrizia came as a greedy golddigger, but in a way it's true.

Money may not make you happy, but it supplies your needs so that you have a better life.

i think what she meant was "it's better to cry in a rolls royce than to cry on a bicycle" which is undoubtedly true, but her english didn't help me thinks haha

Mad Architect of Light
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ugh, he's so right, as a poor person myself I can tell you guys how easy it is to live and not be able to afford medication, food and all that. I feel so sorry for all those financially secure and even wealthy... my heart goes out to them!

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Rich and famous people don't go hungry or have to worry about where they will sleep at night.

 Music Video Mv GIF by Lady Gaga

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Honestly, I don’t think you can even compare. Everyone has struggles and it’s important to acknowledge, understand, and be empathetic towards someone regardless of situations be it financial or something else. I wish he would have used his words better, but I think what he’s trying to get across is, the “lavish” lifestyle of a rich and famous person comes with a high cost. Sure you don’t have to worry about where you sleep at night and have access to so many material things, even health things. However, you live in this fishbowl where everyone sees you, they think they know you when they really don’t. Life threats, constantly being “monitored” by the public, money (truly changes most people for the worst and can get you into trouble). Like I could go on and on about the topic. The thing is, I am considered a poor person. No income whatsoever. Due to health disabilities and trying to fight for disability, it’s a b*tch of a situation. I just recognize the sad, potentially dangerous, misunderstood lives of someone in some sort of spotlight. It can’t be so lavish and wonderful mentally specifically when you’re trapped in that fishbowl. Idk that’s just my take on fame/ fortune as a whole and it’s a whole can of worms. If I could, I’d make a whole ass video talking about this topic. 

If I was given the opportunity to become famous, I could never and wouldn’t take it. Just thinking of the burdens horrify me. 

Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter the circumstance. Life is about struggles, growth from those struggles, learning and understanding. Empathy. Constantly trying to better and understand yourself. Idk like i mentioned earlier, it’s a whole video I could make talking about this topic 

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