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iPhone 14 Design Just Leaked


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I feel bad for the people with trypophobia

Is it me or Apple products are getting less innovating and exciting. 

A known leaker channel, FPT  have posted the 2022's iPhone 14 design after working with another legit leaker, John Prosser and their secret sources on the info. Video below:  

1 hour ago, ScotHML said:

Yeah they innovated 3D face scanning tech to be placed under the screen for the iPhone 14. The Android phones don’t have this tech that’s why there were able to produce the hole punch design earlier.  Honestly the ignorance of some folk. 

Did I touch a nerve? :giggle: Anyway, I stand by my comment; Android phones did it first, as well as other things Apple has copied/implemented and vice versa. No company is 100% original.

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