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🐍 Official visual for Dorian Electra's remix of "Replay" 🐍


GagaDaily is now on the front page of Gaga's YouTube!

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Mother of Puppies
Just now, littlepotter said:

I just know a certain other page is Now having a meltdown :ladyhaha:

omg I was just thinking about this... they're probably already thinking about a way to outdo us :huntyga:

I have to laugh.
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Healed My Heart

This feels really full circle to me! I started lurking on GGD in 2011 bc Gaga herself mentioned it. And now she's promoting it again! :tony:

She/her 💗💜💙
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NicoB Minaj
37 minutes ago, MotherOfPuppies said:

I'm still waiting for the redirects :derpga:


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and stationhead :trollga:



Pull up in the monster automobile gangsta
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That is incredible - @Admin you and the creative team deserve all the recognition and flowers for your hard work! I'm so glad Gaga has seen and shared these herself

The evolution and growth from a day one, loyal fan-site to creative COLLABORATORS and contributors, to such a large project with Team Gaga is inspiring AF. You guys really did that :ally:

Lady Gaga Compliment GIF

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On 9/3/2021 at 2:43 PM, PartySick said:

WE WOOON :giveup:

Best fansite :giveup:

Congrats, @Admin :kiss: you deserve it for how much you put into this place :kiss:

Yes. This. So much this.

Do YOU own the 4' by 6' Perfect Illusion promo Poster? Will pay you for it. Pic: http://i.imgur.com/UWuzumk
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