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Lollapalooza 2007 full performance exist


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On 9/27/2021 at 11:40 AM, 27monster27 said:

There is interview footage from Lollapalooza 2007 that exists somewhere too.

I saw one years ago, but it’s a distant memory. When I first heard about her the only photos that Google even pulled were the disco bra candids from Lolla 07

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The way she paid Summerboy dust after this initial performance lol 

“They played nine songs” - Gagapedia Clips we have: "Blueberry Kisses" "Dirty Ice Cream" "Disco Heaven" "Summerboy" "Fooled Me Again" the good amount of pe

That’s because Gwen Stefani actually sang it 

Mr Mendes
On 9/27/2021 at 1:46 PM, Joshie S said:

I feel as though with the information we have now, it may explain the reason why the footage has never been released.

Gaga said that album made her severely depressed, to the point where she had a mental breakdown and a major pain flare up causing the cancellation of the whole tour.

I think that when Gaga looks at that type of footage (same with the BTWB), all she can see is the rage and anger and intense look in her face that she gets when she performs in pain.

Even though I want these footages so badly, I would only ever want Gaga to release it if she was comfortable with it. Obviously she isn't, so I understand.

This may be part of it but we cannot ignore the technical aspects either. These shows that were filmed I don’t think had been planned as the filmed shows from the beginning. I think she knew the tour was going to end early and they rushed to get cameras in front of it before that happened (I don’t know this for sure but it sure seems that way). What we DO know for sure is that both filmed shows were plagued with technical problems that had been a constant throughout the tour. Even with two shows filmed, there were issues with both shows, some being easier to edit around than others. I think there are just portions of the show where it would not have been possible to edit around the technical difficulties and since they were the last shows, they had no way of doing reshoots. We know she’s a perfectionist so she wouldn’t be releasing a show that was not the best document of that tour. It’s possible that in the future for an anniversary or something we may see it but I don’t think it’s something that’ll be seen in the near future. 

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