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Dawn of Chromatica, The Visual Experience, produced by GGD (September 3rd)

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55 minutes ago, Lighter said:

she knows about them so she’s trying as much as possible to be distant from us virtually - from the insider on twitter who leaked bits of the cover

yeah i just saw that tweet 

sad but what can u do

dead inside
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EDIT: @Admin will be along to explain more soon, he's a little overwhelmed at the minute to say the least. Huge moment for him.

kinda embarrassing how her team is still following and even collabing with GGD and y'all are saying so much dumb stuff about them here 

4 minutes ago, Burim said:

I was literally about to say that I'll become a GGD cheerleader now lmfao. I'm very silent here but I've been here since 2008 or 2009 and I can't explain how happy I am for Admin and everyone who was involved. Yes, this website can be a lot but I've met some really beautiful souls on here and made even friends! ( @Stephen @Ronlop I'm looking at y'all). Let's all celebrate the upcoming remix album, the visuals and our dearest Admin! :party:

Absolutely :rockstar:

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Mister G
50 minutes ago, Glamourpuss said:

I know right? I can't imagine stanning Gaga without Gaga Daily. The two go together. I'm so happy for @Admin that Bobby believed in his idea. It's so exciting to be a fan and have all this content coming. :woohoo:

The sine logo loops around for a reason. GGD and Gaga make up that sine. It all comes full circle and it’s always nice to see new up and coming artists sharing their artistry with the world. Hell I may have to take the day off work for this celebration.

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Mother of Puppies

We should never let this forum die guys...



It happened to the Katy Perry forum a few years ago... it would be a shame if it ever happened to this forum. I just like it way too much on here :bradley: so keep clowning and keep posting and putting life into it :heart:


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You can call me Lady MOP
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Congratulations fingers crossed this is just the start for you and those involved. Looking forward to see you guys’ work.

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Wait didn’t Gaga try to act like this site didn’t exist post BTW, is she back to acknowledging us :giveup:

Could she be reading this thread :awesome:

Hi Gaga, ignore the messy gay managers on this site. I wanted to take this moment to tell you how underwhelmed we are with the Chromatica era and how you need new management behind you. That is all, continue to give us nothing Queen :applause: 

P.S. Gaga if you’re actually reading, I was being sarcastic :heart:

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