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2 minutes ago, Noir said:

Gaga wants us to forget the R.Kelly version so let's bury it and never look back. The Xtina version is sitting cute on Spotify with 15.5m streams. Go give it some more streams if you're that bothered. :haroon:

Or just add the missing streams to the Xtina version... :yennefer:

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HMH #1 on apple's biggest playlist Today's hits. finally some push

It was finally added to Today’s Top Hits on Spotify. The organic, slow-burning smash hit is coming! 

Shallow is currently at 2,397,685 sale units in the UK (thanks to HausofGucci on BuzzJack).  It's less than 4k away from 4x Platinum (2,400,000+) and should pass it next Friday, as it sold around


So far YouTube is looking like this:
(Oficial audio video + generated audio video)

1. Sour Candy - 183k (152k + 31k)
2. Fun Tonight - 149k (87k + 62k)
3. ROM - 105k (77k + 28k)
4. 911 - 98k (70k + 28k)
5. Babylon HL - 77k (50k + 22k)
6. Free Woman - 70k (44k + 26k)
7. Replay - 62k (47k + 15k)
8. Stupid Love - 58k (43k + 15k)
9. Plastic Doll - 51k (34k + 17k)
10. Alice - 45k (27k + 18k)
11. Enigma - 41k (31k + 10k)
12. Babylon BR - 40k (26k + 14k)
13. Sine from Above - 37k (25k + 12k)
14. 1000 Doves - 27k (18k + 9k)

I'm only good at being bad
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2 hours ago, CrimeanMiracle said:

Why is it so quiet here? A new album has been released, albeit remix. :shrug:

Because I've been flying and I just got back home from work :bradley:

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