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Billie Eilish says her pitbull is vegan

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This is abuse. The only way a dog can be vegan is if you starve it of meat AND force feed it vegan food. If the dog ever got lost or escaped and had to find it’s own food it would hunt for meat because it’s the most efficient form of energy for their biology. In fact wild or stray dogs in their natural environment would rather starve to death than eat plants, because it’s in their genetic code to find and eat meat and reject foods (even if they are edible) that weaken their bodies. 

This is as horrifying and illogical as forcing cows to eat meat instead of grass. Anyone here justifying both animal cruelty AND humans playing god is a joke.

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Poor dog

Billie Eilish for The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jul/31/billie-eilish-to-always-try-to-look-good-is-such-a-loss-of-joy-and-freedom  

this is hilarious and ironic, making your dog "vegan" goes against everything the philosophy behind veganism stands for. let animals be free.


She continues to show her age...:bear:

Poor dog someone call CPS (Child & Pitbull Services)

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3 hours ago, WheresMy911Alice said:

Mothers Day Lol GIF by reactionseditor

Y'all getting SO DRAMATIC about this dog

maybe worry about billie being dramatic about veganism first…

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At this point Billie only needs to open a window for fresh air and y'all are like

Oh My God Reaction GIF

 "HOW DARE SHE? She needs to apologize to the air asap or she'll be cancelled immediately!"

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Licensed mess since 1995
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Lion Heart

I swear vegans do the absolute most.

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1 hour ago, kukuryku666 said:

girl, we are speaking like it's a fact

because everything said here is a fact

there's no need for any justification and if i'm active on a forum and someone is speaking about things i care about, why shouldn't i quote and speak about it xD

that's literally the point of this site

Maybe because it’s not about you? 

This thread is about Billie’s dog and people being concerned is normal

no need to try force personal beliefs on others, one post is enough to express your opinion

quoting members repeatedly and quoting almost every member is not a good look 

this doesn’t pertain to you specifically, I’m talking in general but oh well 

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