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Billie's sophomore album was released yesterday. A day later, reviews have started rolling in. The album seems to be very well recieved by critics (and listeners) so far. 

Metacritic score: 90 (based on 10 reviews)

User Rating: 8.3 


Reviews from Metacritic: 

Consequence: 100

"With this collection, she proves that she was not just a shot in the dark or a blaze lighting up the sky for only a moment."

NME: 100

"‘Happier Than Ever’ fully establishes Billie Eilish as one of her generation’s most significant pop artists – and, better still, does so without repeating a single trick from the debut that turned her life upside down."

Variety: 91

"It’s an album that feels more intimate than the first one, and the first one was pretty intimate. ... It’s a fabulous headphones record."

Slant: 80

"The album also nudges Eilish beyond the trip-hop and trap sounds that dominated her past work, resulting in a more sonically diverse set that allows the singer—whose downbeat vocals have often been compared to Lorde’s—to explore the more textured, melodic aspects of her voice."

The Independent (UK): 80

"Happier Than Ever is full of things most of us don’t have to deal with – NDAs, interviews, paparazzi – and yet Eilish weaves them around universal woes, with such a knack for sharp, insightful lyrics that it never comes across like her diamond shoes are too tight."

The Telegraph (UK): 80

"The 16-song set flows beautifully, carrying listeners on an emotional journey in which surprising musical twists and glittering barbs of lyrical empowerment cast optimistic light on a long dark night of Billie’s tortured soul."

The Line of Best Fit: 60

"On Happier Than Ever the tempo never quite reaches fever pitch; instead, Eilish is content with the tranquillity of tried and tested methods - tentatively pushing boundaries, rather than cranking the distortion up to 10."

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It definitely deserves 90+ imo. Not really one song I don't enjoy. My main critique is that the placement of the songs could be tweaked. Title track should definitely be last and there's too many bops followed by "ballads", it's too stark of a contrast to keep up with :lolly:

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FFXIV WhiteMage

Happier Than Ever scalped my sorry hateful arse and is my favorite song of the year.


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Together with Deja Vu :ally:

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13 minutes ago, WheresMy911Alice said:

Not you and I both posting Bill E Eyelash threads at the exact same time :billie:

Welcome to Billie Eilish Daily :whitney:

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Just now, littlepotter said:

I've seen so many haters-to-stan converts too :legend:

About time Miss Billie gets the recognition she deserves :whitney: .

OT: I love the album. The one thing I don't like is that the title track is not closing the album :awkney: .

Ew, David!
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Original Diva

Not going to lie, prior to its release i had pretty much lost all hope in the record due to the pretty lack lustre singles ( i loved therefore i am and nda. I liked your power and my future, though they had no replay value for me. I still strongly dislike Lost cause), but i thought it was a really good record that surprised me and i think will continue to grow on me. 

I think the album cover and singles promised a different album (which did not necessarily appeal to me), but i am very happy with this record! I was genuinely under the impression that this might be her sophomore slump..

excuse me no
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6 minutes ago, Queen Neyde said:

lmao so much for "having her flop era" :billie:

That's what happens when stans take chart performance of singles as the only metric for success :billie:

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