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Scott and Gates donate $40 million to gender equality projects

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MacKenzie Scott (Jeff Bezos's ex-wife) and Melinda French Gates (Bill Gates' ex-wife) partnered up Thursday to give away $40 million to four organizations that promote gender equality.

The projects, which were awarded $10 million each, are focused on gender equality in caregiving, tech, higher education and minority communities. An additional $8 million was split between two finalists working on issues of domestic violence and training young women “to flex their political power.”


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Before the thats equivalent to me donating $10 or $20 dollar comments start if u dont donate over that $20 and are able to dont criticize


On the flip side, unless the purpose of these announcements is to specifically bring awareness to a project they are working on, I hate it when celebs or the rich announce their good deeds especially if its just a donation that doesnt need attention. Is it about helping or looking good? The world doesnt need to know they gave $40M. If it isnt a specific project that needs global support and attention in that moment, then announcing donations is kinda pointless


I think any amount given from the heart is a good thing even if its a rich person that technically could of given more. But u gotta advertize ur good deeds that doesnt come across as good intention

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