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Chris Brown drags DaBaby

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Who cares, we will support ha for joining the gay alliance, if only temporarily :trollga:

any da baby hate is 

Kirsten Gillibrand Gay Rights GIF by Election 2020

right now and besides, this is one of his peers so it hits a bit harder for him I’m sure

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1 hour ago, BUtterfield 8 said:

Well this thread took a whole 180 :air:

It did :selena:

For future reference, if anyone needs it, newbie profiles are able to make threads in the Support section (you've probably seen us move threads made there by new members to a public forum to help them get their content count up and allow them to make public threads for themselves sooner).

But if you're banned and disagree with it, just scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says "contact us" and shoot Admin an email. We don't target anyone (we don't have the patience or time to put targets on anyone's back tbh), if you honestly have a case then we'll hear you out :laughga:

And lastly, the appropriate time to come to us and start a dialogue about something that bothers you on the site is not from a burner account you've made after you've been restricted from posting for unrelated things :messga:

Xoxo, ModSick :vegas:

On topic: ...good for him, I guess? :huntyga: a broken clock is right twice a day.


☀️ L'appel du vide 🌕
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Both of them can go to the parking lot and suck each other off...he's such a hypocrite too...

Why's he acting like he's better than DaBaby? :smh:

Stream my new single, 💜"Heartbeat"💜, on Spotify!
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