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Kanye West’s listening party food menu

BUtterfield 8

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Those prices are insane. 

The prices are for suites... As in boxes for groups of people... Which is why it says suite attendant... Thus large orders...  

12 minutes ago, Chromatography said:

people have such a hate boner for kayne nowadays so they’ll try to spin anything as. negative

It’s sad. 

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51 minutes ago, Roughhouse Dandy said:

I completely understand that venues are trying to recover from losses due to Covid-19....... but yikes we ain't eatin tonight. 


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EDIT: these were suite prices for a platter, not single hot dog :sweat:


Kanye West has been criticized for selling overpriced snacks at his album listening party on Thursday night at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

A photo of an event menu with 'Kanye West Listening Party' written across it went viral on Tuesday, as it listed insanely priced food items including $40 'all beef kosher franks' hot dogs, and $50 for chicken tenders, $35 sweet and salty kettle corn, $65 for an assorted snack basket, and $45 cookies and brownies. 

It is not clear if the menu's pricing was changed for the event, but the official Mercedes-Benz Club website features much more reasonably priced items including a classic hot dog for $1.50, and a chicken Caesar salad for $7. 

there were also $120 shirts

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"I don't care about facts" ~ @Jill (July 27th, 2021)
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Someone in need of them coins.


Or is he one of those people/artists that purposefully increase prices on stuff to show how exclusive and important something is. Like a single dot painting selling for hundreds and thousands of dollars because of the name of the person who did it. 

Then again, he has been known to have an inflated ego and illusion of grandeur. So that checks out.

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5 minutes ago, Teletubby said:



Oh wow.

Gamer girl bath water who?


Get your very own Kanye the prophet air in a zip lock bag. 

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17 minutes ago, Teletubby said:


inb4 only fans starts allowing their influences/performers to sell their farts :neyde:

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Hope nobody buys, so he won’t get any money. Who with a brain sells a hotdog for $40. Why do rich people still need more money? Even if they spent $100k everyday, they could live in luxury for the rest of their lives

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