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Trump sues Twitter, Google and Facebook alleging 'censorship'

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Well.... he did violate the terms. Didn’t he? :neyde:

dOnT sAd ReAcT mE 2 bE sHaDy i WiLL RePoRt U!!1!
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Former US president Donald Trump has announced plans to sue tech giants Google, Twitter and Facebook, claiming that he is the victim of censorship. The class action lawsuit also targets the three

If constitutional then its an open and shut loss for Trump.   If he somehow wins then I will sue @PartySick and @FATCAT for censorship every time a thread gets locked  

No one is censoring his free speech. Private companies such as Facebook and Twitter have every right to remove or block accounts that do not comply with their rules. Nothing is stopping Trump from hol

9 hours ago, Fresco said:

Imo, he won't win the case. But it looks like we will find out. Since McConnell stacked the courts for him, he is just so eager to bring lawsuits.

Imo,  his bs statements about the election are driving a dagger into the heart of American democracy.  If he continues to blather on the way he did prior to January 6th, he will split his political party and all of the USA into 2 or more separate countries.  Russian Putin will be so proud of his work.  Democrats will never be ruled by an illegitimate king that got fewer votes and lost the election.



he got the courts stacked and still lost all those lawsuits. lmao. turns out the people he hired aren't all as corrupt as he and his circle are. 

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