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Is Ava Max a gay icon?

Is Ava Max a gay icon?  

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  1. 1. Is Ava Max a gay icon?

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Making some catchy club bop about shi**y relationship, been sassy and stronger suddenly make you a gay icon.

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A gay what now?

The bar is getting lower and lower 

Miss Ava has been releasing bops since 2018. She even said in 2019 that King and Queens would be the biggest gay anthem of the year. Has she reached the point of being a gay icon like Madonna, C


Honestly...An icon of what? :awkney:

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I wouldn’t call her a gay icon. It doesn’t seem like she’s trying to be a gay icon either. She just seems like the girl who wants to make catchy bops for her fans (who happen to be mostly gay guys) and obviously there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a girl who just wants to make bops for her fans. 

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1998- Britney


2018- prophecy fulfilledT:laughga:


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Pretty Please

Why do we overuse words like legend and icon so much these days. She’s a good, new artist why cant that be enough lol

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She’s grown on me over the last few months. I think she has so much great potential and has a few cute bops. 

The only video of hers I watch is this one because of Bimini, babes. 


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She had 1 hit song 3 years ago, if it wasn’t for this website I wouldn’t know she was still around tbh. 

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Cookie Woman
7 hours ago, RichAssPiss said:

She's going to be one of those lost girlies only gays remember in twenty years and occassionally say "Remember the one with the haircut?" Like a Gen Z Samantha Mumba. 

Omfg the absolute gasp this elicited from me.

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