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Colton Haynes shares steamy pic “he tried to erase”

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He shared this the other day so I thought I shared since the messages got to me :giveup: 


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Really appreciate his message with this. I also feel flashbacks to coming out in my teens and these magazines were sometimes in the gay section of the bookstore. I’m pretty sure I had seen this exact one in the store or online. I don’t think gay erotic magazines are really printed anymore?

It might also be said that queer media might perpetuate a culture of certain behaviors, looks and body image within the gay community, too. But that’s not for this thread lol

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High Culture

I was a Teen Wolf stan in high school .. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures from this photo shoot 😂 I love the caption, his journey with his sexuality has been inspiring to watch

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"voice and movement coaches" omg

Proud of him

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Damn they basically have him "straight" lessons...wtf :awkney:

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Yes To Heaven

Uhm guys remember that he is FIFTEEN (15) in this photo, so the thirst for it in here is peak weirdness

an angel held me like a child
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