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'Bad Romance' Bathtub's look without the effect in the eyes

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37 minutes ago, enissa11 said:

she was fully self-aware of all this, she didn't do it to fit anything, it was just the state she was in. It is all reflected in the video, she said it represented how she felt in that moment, she even mocked it taking it to the next level and making it bizarre by digitally reduced her waist,  made her ribs and spine pop out and enlarged her eyes, it was all sickeness and skeletal monstrosity. They locked her away and forced her to drink, to be at the expense of a bunch of men in power, she said the whole prostitution mafia was a metaphor to represent her experience in the music industry. Knowing what we know now, just as marry the night this video is more meaningful and has a new layer.
Bad Romance has become this iconic video for pop culture but it is in fact very dark.

Metamorphosis from prey to a hunter. The music video is made from 3 main pieces. First, she's innocent and slowly loosing her innocence in the music industry, then she's being sold ad loosing her touch with her power, then she regains the power and kills a guy, get's her revenge. All of these parts were cut by close up shots of her crying into the camera with barely no make up on. 

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3 hours ago, Justin Drew Bieber said:

The way she made Bad Romance when she was only 23 years old

Absolutely mind-blowing. And to think that she was already drawing on the influences of some of the most iconic people like Andy Warhol, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Alfred Hitchcock at that age... it's almost like she had been in the industry for decades when it was only her second year after her breakthrough.

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1 hour ago, Aloe said:

Too gorgeous back then

She never stopped being gorgeous tho :firega:


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5 hours ago, Justin Drew Bieber said:

The way she made Bad Romance when she was only 23 years old

When I realize this it gets me. Every. Single. Time.

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9 hours ago, POP A 911 said:


She's actually 5'1 :fan:

They went with 5'2 because of the song :fan:

I love to tour ūü§ĆūüŹľ
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