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Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jon M. Chu respond to In the Heights Colorism 

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Morphine Prince
1 minute ago, JusKeepBreathin said:

Girl stop. No one hates anyone. All the sudden everyone is racist because they don't agree with you. 

Even this Black Latinx reporter only has a job at The Root because she is black. They don't hire Brown Latinx people at The Root. 

This isn't about hate. There is literally less opportunity for Brown Latinx people then there is black Latinx people in media and Hollywood.

Again I am not talking about white Latinx people.

The only time we get to see a non white Latinx protagonists in a movie is when Salma Hayek does a movie every four years or JLo does a movie every one or two year. 

And the only reason these two latinxs are where they are is because they produce the majority of their movies. Other wise they would have disappeared in Hollywood years ago and we'd have no Latinx protagonists in Hollywood. 

And this all may be true and it still doesn't negate the fact In The Heights is fairly being criticized for its casting choices in the context of representing Washington Heights and its Afro-Latino community.

As I said in my very first post in this thread: You being represented and others being done a disservice are not mutually exclusive 

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