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🐍 Official visual for Dorian Electra's remix of "Replay" 🐍


Kim Kardashian's Lamborghini covered in SKIMS fabric

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Kim hun i just spent most of my comments defending you in the law degree thread I dont have the energy to login to this 

Her voice...that car....her outfit...this is the most annoying video of 2021 so far...not even joking 


Oh wow, as ugly as her personality 

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5 hours ago, FfFfFfFF said:

The existence of this implies the existence of a video of her driving it with the Vroom Vroom audio


On her story yesterday she was listening to femmebot by Charli  during a photo shoot lol

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The ultra-rich raelly just THROW their money away like it's nothing to them. And flaunting it online is so rude to the 99% of us who struggle with money


Rich people: spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car and covers it in material just a little gift. Builds rockets to space just to have bragging rights

Regular people: "turning on the heater during winter is a luxury/treat that I allow myself for 2hrs a day after I get home" "I'm going to die of this treatable illness soon, but it's better than staying alive in debt from trying to pay for treatment"

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I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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