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3 songs from Gaga that everyone likes, but you don't


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Plastic Doll

Fun Tonight

Alejandro (the first 100 times was good but the straights overplay this :selena:)

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Justin Drew Bieber

Alice: It’s her worst song imo

Bad Romance: It’s way too long and loud

Alejandro: It sounds too old :flop:

Munchlax’s since 10/6/2021
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Poker Face

The Cure

Heal me

Other songs that I've seen most people here like and I don't like them, or at least a lot less than people do:

Bad Romance, Telephone, Dance in the Dark, Born this Way, Judas, G.U.Y, Gypsy, Dancin' in Circle, all of Chromatica except for 911 and Replay

You popped my heart seams, all my bubble dreams
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2 hours ago, Phlop said:

Bad Romance

Poker Face

Dance in the Dark

You're welcome to your wrong opinions. 


I guess the classics have gotten old for you?

Alejandro has gotten too old for me.  I'll add G.U.Y and Heavy Metal Lover.  Although there are no bad songs, imo.

I live outside the space time continuum.
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The one that comes to mind is Replay. It's not that I don't like it, but it's definitely one of my least favorites on Chromatica.

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