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3 songs from Gaga that everyone likes, but you don't


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Me: 1. Bad Romance (I never liked this song )  2. You and I (I think I listen complete just once)  3. GUY (when I heard the snippet I like it a lot, but when I heard the full song ) 

So you don’t have taste?

Replay  gypsy  do what U want 


Plastic Doll

Fun Tonight

Alejandro (the first 100 times was good but the straights overplay this :selena:)

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Justin Drew Bieber

Alice: It’s her worst song imo

Bad Romance: It’s way too long and loud

Alejandro: It sounds too old :flop:

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Poker Face

The Cure

Heal me

Other songs that I've seen most people here like and I don't like them, or at least a lot less than people do:

Bad Romance, Telephone, Dance in the Dark, Born this Way, Judas, G.U.Y, Gypsy, Dancin' in Circle, all of Chromatica except for 911 and Replay

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2 hours ago, Phlop said:

Bad Romance

Poker Face

Dance in the Dark

You're welcome to your wrong opinions. 


I guess the classics have gotten old for you?

Alejandro has gotten too old for me.  I'll add G.U.Y and Heavy Metal Lover.  Although there are no bad songs, imo.

I live outside the space time continuum.
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The one that comes to mind is Replay. It's not that I don't like it, but it's definitely one of my least favorites on Chromatica.

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