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IMBD has deleted the dates of the film festivals for House of Gucci


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1 hour ago, Tinnitus15 said:

Venice,New York,Toronto can’t happen

No, House of Gucci could be at any of those festivals. We have no idea whether it's been submitted or not and the full line ups of those festivals have not been not announced. The only festival that's been completely announced is Cannes. The full line up for Venice is announced in a few weeks, I believe.

It's definitely possible it will be held until next year, though, but for now it's unclear.

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1 hour ago, Tinnitus15 said:

also despite Venice,New York film festival has closed for submissions,as well as Toronto too.Uk film festivals will accept submissions till 17th of June.Telluride(the last one on the screenshot I think) closed it’s submissions too


I don't think that fan account necessarily understands how submissions work. Some directors submit partially edited films (so it's possible Gucci could have been submitted even if they aren't finished editing)...and the public is (generally) unaware of what films were submitted. We only know the ones that were chosen.

Cannes has already been announced, but it's perfectly possible that Gucci could be at one (or all) of the other big festivals. None of them have been announced in full, yet, though.

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