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Demi Lovato’s mullet is reaching new lengths

Lady Ava Gaga Max

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source Demi and G-Eazy source

This trend needs to be over

Yes To Heaven

something about them just irks me but good for them 

an angel held me like a child
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i swear to god if rat tails make a comeback

Founder of the Million Reasons Hate Club
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With every new sugar free option at your local frozen yogurt store, Demi’s vengeful mullet grows another inch. :cryga:

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It's a good thing she's wearing them, now we know this trend will be killed for good.

Edited by Bio
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I wish my hair grew this fast

Laughing at the idea of putting in mullet extensions tho, or a clip-on rat tail. Jedi Lovato :sis:

⚡ Gaga, Rammstein, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Kraftwerk, Machine Girl, & Death Grips 🐲
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Wait are demi and g eazy a thing:oprah:

“I’ve got rain stored in the boobs”-Boobga 2020🤡
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