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Lorde - Solar Power (Out Now)

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at first listen i was confused but i LOVE the song so much, the vibe it has, the message behind the lyrics, the freedom sample and how good her, clairo and phoebe sound harmonizing together, love the psychodelic touches to it

... and now i just sit in silence.
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I really like it. Specially the part in which she belts "The Catholic Church will fall" alongside that adorable kids choir. I must admit though, I haven't listened to the song.

https://music.apple.com/si/album/solar-power/1571611279?i=1571611288 https://listen.tidal.com/album/187098632 It’s officially out now everywhere

I’m really not ready to see comment after comment of gays asking for electropop bops with this album  Not everything needs to be upbeat and with a synth Mary 


I instatntly love it! :giveup:  

I am so glad she's back! I was afraid I wasn't going to like the new stuff given the descriptions from early listeners, but this is a chill summery bop. And it's got her quirky stamp on it which makes it unique and loveable. The part where she says "and I throw my cellular device in the water... can you reach me? No. You can't!" is so good! One of those little things only she could do honestly :sara:

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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It is not one of her better songs but it is decent at least. I'm also really glad that she has finally returned after a long break because I was waiting for her return.

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I like it, I think it Will grow more on me in the coming days. So happy for Lorde, she  has a very interesting sound. 

Always be kind to others, you may need them once
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I love this! Like, a lot! :giveup:
After an extremely shitty year this track is exactly what I needed.
This song, and the video, just oozes happy vibes.

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Love her and the song is cute, but I can’t get out of my head how much it sounds like a Colbie Caillat track circa 2010. 

it actually reminds me a lot of “Brighter Than the Sun” by Colbie. Not that that is a bad song by any means, but I’m so used to Lorde being almost revolutionary with her music style and this just feels like it’s been done. 

Still my kween though and still excited for the album. 

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#81 on iTunes Germany

Her (solar) power:giveup: 

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I just need to prepare because I don't think I'm going to love this album more than Melodrama but hope I can enjoy it. It's a very different sound for her and I like that about her.

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I'm a bit disappointed because this gives me major Watermelon Sugar vibes :messga:

Edit: got better on a second listen! 

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