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Is AOC president material?

Is AOC president material?  

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  1. 1. Is AOC president material?

    • Yup
    • Nope
    • We'll have to wait

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I could definitely see her running for president at some point. Do I think she would win? Not necessarily. Her views are very left and I think the average population may be turned off by that. 

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Nah, she’s too far left for me and many other Americans 

Yes the only answer is yes - impeach Biden immediately and replace him w her now /closethread 

Who am I to argue with democracy?  my hands are tied Lo siento to everyone else

19 hours ago, Bottom said:

Yes but not right now, maybe in 20-30 years when america is ready for her, she won't be able to win yet

Oh definitely not right now. It'd be even dangerous for her.

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Yes, I definitely think she should run at one point. I know she's eligible for the next election but she needs to do other things first. I'd love to see her serve as a senator for a couple of terms before running for president. 

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