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Chromatica & Singles (Dolby Atmos Version)


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3 hours ago, Living said:

They don’t 


2 hours ago, Der Meister said:

I have the AirPod Pros and they are not accurate. I guess to be able to experience the whole thing you really need a home theater. 

If you switch off the Dolby Atmos in your settings, the High-Res Lossless is still phenomenal quality, as I conveyed in a previous post: 


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Sad I can't experience it 

It seems Chromatica has been given new mixes for Apple Music users with Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio! I highly recommend a re-listen to anyone who can, it’s like experiencing the first listen all

The songs that have it are; Just Dance Paparazzi Bad Romance Born This Way Applause Shallow Music To My Eyes Always Remember Us This Way Look What I Found I Don’t Know What Love


Summerboy with new quality is just top tier rn :music:

also the backing vocals in the spatial audio of paparazzi is so iconic 

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Guys! Dolby Atmos at AirPods Pro is not do good. I connected Galaxy Buds Pro which also support Dolby Atmos technology and it’s a whole new level. Every song sounds so so so much better!

If I like it, then that's what I get!
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