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Dolby Atmos Live on Apple Music

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Other songs I found in Dolby Atmos:

Shallow, Always Remember Us This Way, Look What I found, Music To My Ears, I Don't Know What Love Is, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Just Dance (feat. Colby O'Donis)

(im sure theres more)

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https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2021/6/7/22523228/apple-music-lossless-spatial-audio-dolby-atmos-features   For anyone that’s an Apple Music user the rollouts have begun!  It hit my

This is FULLY a different mix of the album with different vocal takes at times or cut ones in some places - not just mastering in 5.1

The Dolby Atmos version of Chromatica is so messy and low quality.  Yes you can hear some vocals better but the other stems all jump around in volume  This has gotta be fixed ASAP

Bella Goth
Posted (edited)

yoooooo, i just blast this dolby atmos on my office speakers (because my office speaker is using surround speakers) and i got chiiiiiillll man, rain on me sound so grand and stupid love maaaaaaaaan, not to mention sour candy & babylon. then actually i now playing the apple playlist and other song sound better liveeeeee im crying. i miss live music so much *sob* first listening i used my heartbeats earphone and i just got mixed feeling listening to it. but in suround speaker maaan.... apple music really did that

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Bella Goth
4 hours ago, Miaa said:

I have to re-download every song???:duck:

yes i delete that from my library and re download it lmao

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I’m pretty sure I need better headphones cause I’m using the regular airpods and everything sounds worse, maybe with the Pro’s or the Max’s hardware it’s nice but I’m definately turning this off for now…

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