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Reviving this because 1500+ Palestinians in Silwan are threatened to be displaced and their homes demolished today (and they are forced to pay demolition fees or demolish their own homes). This is ethnic cleansing. 


"Today, the deadline that the occupation municipality gave to Al Bustan residents to self-demolish their homes ends. The locals replied, "We will not destroy." From our knowledge of the occupation policy, they will most likely be demolished gradually so that there will be no media resonance and a massacre of demolition in the neighborhood. On all fronts in the face of the Zionists and their agents."



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Two pages into this thread and it's already full of misinformation and fake "solutions" that don't even tackle the real problem aka the fact that this is a case of settler colonialism and the only sol

Free Palestine. 

What has happened to Palestine can only be described as settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing. 

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