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Legal™️ BTW MV alt-footage leak discussion thread


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10 minutes ago, SpookyKid said:

Ok, can someone fill me in? :poot: I have uni work and cant read 17 pages

A random Twitter account appeared today, started teasing random unseen clips from the Born This Way music video and the Nick Knight photo shoot.  Then they leaked a full eight minute video that apparently someone Nick Knight works with made that shows BTS of both and unused clips.

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It's such a weird feeling seeing all those looks from the Photoshoot pictures we've seen for a decade now "come to life" like that.

Maybe it was Gaga herself because we've been such good fans 

help I’m not posting any leaks but this twt account just appeared today and posted new behind the scenes footage of the Born This Way shoot, and an 8 minute video of Born This Way content, (appar

6 hours ago, Daenerys said:

The one I downloaded is in perfect HD and it was from the direct download link the Twitter user posted before it got taken down. 

DM me pretty please? :oops:

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ok what is this

can someone fill me in, like......with a link?

EDIT: I quickly found it searching on YouTube

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Omg basically an alternate remix version of BTW was leaked...the bts album shoot being in it too is amazing! So many iconic single covers made from this! :giveup:

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someone claiming they're the same person is saying other stuff

they said that there's no plans for sour candy as a single, they may have the dwuw video, apparently there's 2 scrapped songs from Chromatica planned for release and they said there will be news this month


I wouldn't trust it though

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