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Michael Jackson Win Legal Case From The Grave Against Finding Neverland

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13 hours ago, JJ Moonwlker said:

Dan Reed admitted there is inconsistencies in the doc

Of course there are going to be some inconsistencies. This is two grown men in their 30's re telling things from their childhood!? It's crazy how you mj defenders see a few errors and decide oh this must be all lies! Do you honestly remember things in absolute details when thinking of your childhood? Let alone when it comes to abuse.

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“Leaving Neverland,” the documentary in which two men accused Michael Jackson of child molestation, has been repudiated in court.   The Los Angeles Superior Court this morning ruled against

He hosted sleepovers with children and apparently “nothing” happened  please 

Just the fact he was having sleepovers with children is scary in itself.

14 hours ago, JJ Moonwlker said:

For you to compare MJ to these people tells me you have zero knowledge of the allegations. MJ is separate case and evidence.   


Mj actually had the same lawyer as OJ in one of his early abuse cases. So it does make you think hmmmmm? 

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