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Chromatica out now

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When Do You Think C2C-II Is Coming Out?


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It will be released sometime around Tony’s birthday in August I think. With his mental capabilities declining due to his condition they may make this a kind of celebration of her life while he’s still here. This is one more reason I don’t think the Chromatica Ball will happen. Plus she will have the film festivals to attend in late summer/early fall and then the premier of Gucci. 

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Delulu Rogers

Idk when we'll get it but I remember back when it was originally announced, some user tried dragging me for saying it was most likely not going to come in the spring as the article said. We still have May but it seems like a fall release is more likely. 

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U.S. Thanksgiving weekend.

So parents will get them on their Black Friday shopping, Barnes & Noble deluxe edition will have the never before relased track, Baby It's Cold Outside in full duration  :sis:

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At what stage is the album in production?  Have all the songs been recorded and produced?  Is the album completed and on the shelf waiting for distribution?

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Miss Dolly

It’s never existed. They are no concrete proof this “album” existed. 

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