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5 hours ago, PunkTheFunk said:

Is it just me or does no one talk nor care about Game of Thrones anymore? :bear:

the way I was HYPED for the last season but often forget about the series' existence until someone mentions the prequel

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Omg Matt is in this?? shook

Also I just can't get myself to care for more GoT. They really messed up the series and it was such a lackluster ending. Idk if more from the same universe will have the same impact or quality. 

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Lona Delery

ive hated GoT since season 5 but considering Dumb&Dumber arent involved, this deffo has potential :) i liked Fire & Blood, so im looking forward to this

Sometimes it feels like I've got a war in my mind, I wanna get off but I keep riding the ride
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