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Chromatica out now

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Chromatica Remixed is being finalized, ft. male artist

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16 hours ago, Jollibee said:

If this is true, they better include Love Me Right in the remix album.

Love Me Right remix feat Bruno Mars and be the lead single for the remix album.

I like LMR but it's very out of place on Chromatica. I'd prefer a new song as lead single. 

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Bad Bunny

inb4 the male ft is Elton bc there's a SFA remix

They said big

16 hours ago, Razvan said:

Gaga (feat. Male Gaga)

Lady Gaga (feat. Lord Gaga)

rocket number 9 take off to the planet 🚀
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12 hours ago, venuspop said:

Lady Gaga (feat. Lord Gaga)

Lady Gaga ft. Lord Voldemort - Battle for your Hogwart

harry potter GIF

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holy trinity: Babylon, Sour Candy, Replay 🌈
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3 minutes ago, Papergangstuh said:

Boysnoize is doing something with Snoop Dogg right now. Probably unrelated. 

Yeah, they collabed back in 2011 on a dope track called "Got It" 😍

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Pls be Bruno Mars.. Then they do a dance break in the video, just like what he and Bey did in SuperBowl. I also feel that it is JB, which is fine. The Weeknd? also fine. Or could it be Drake (remember the tweet :udidnt:)

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It'd be awesome but truth is that this will never happen, she's moved from all the chromatica era and couldn't care less of riviving it. 

Just like ARTPOP II... both projects will sadly never happen, once she's involved in a new project she doesn't look back, couldn't care less. 

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