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That's what happens when you leave your fans waiting for so long... they could've announced it weeks ago with a single or a weekly release just like BTW anniversary, but no let's leave them starving and wait for something to leak so we can move :saladga:

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Expected Release:   Confirmation of its existence:   - fan art by fattylicious cattilicious, make the mods go ugh -      Discuss!   

yeah who is lady gaga?

Blood: It's coming this month! Gaga: It's fire! *literally a few days pass* Monsters:  

4 minutes ago, COOOK said:

Where? :koons:

On the claws when you zoom in 

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Ororo Munroe
2 minutes ago, Karen Smith said:

And now she will officially announce it :ally:

she better be typing this insta post as we speak :partysick:

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I'm gonna give the gays everything they want.
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Just now, PussPuss said:

BTW, the upscaled version without the watermark is not real, they just cloned out the watermark. 

see that's what im thinking too

its just like messy and cloudy in the middle

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1 hour ago, lilmizmuffet said:

If this is not your cup of tea why do you like Gaga? This is 100% on brand. Little joannesters I stg lmfao

Gurl you don't know me 

I don't like the style of the cover that's on me :ladyhaha: go drink a glass of water

Also I've been following Gaga from her debut single :ladyhaha:

I might be teaching you something today but being fan of someone doesn't mean you like every single thing this person will do. They are not some deity. Maybe you should start developing what is usually called an opinion 

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