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Tony & Lady's 2nd Studio Album - October 1st 2021 -   First Single - August 3, 2021 -   The rumored title for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's 2nd Studio album is 'Love f

Did something new happen?

Wasn't it supposed to come out this month.


LAWWWD my alt cd 1 and pink cassette came in broken packages 


edit: the alt cd, entire cassette bundle +btw10 cassette is scratched/broken. Every single thing in my order

F*** u UK store, i’m so pissed :fthis: The worst part is, I have a second order coming :saladga:

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...has anybody seen my disco stick?
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What do y’all make of Tony’s very different signatures on the signed versions? Do we think he himself signed them? Some look really clean and don’t have the tall line on the “T” (top pic), some look shaky but clearly have each letter (middle pic). The bottom pic is an older autograph of his just for comparison. All pics from eBay listings.

Do we think Tony himself signed the CDs, or could someone have for him?


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This is offtopic but I couldn't get replies in the tour forum. I am a fan of Lady Gaga and I want to know if anyone has video of her performing Applause and Swine in her Perth Australia August 20 2014 show. I want to see her full performance for those 2 songs in Perth from 2014. I also want to see pics from that show from anyone here who went. I've seen pics on Instagram, and her fan sites but I want to see more. Thank you

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