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Gaga owns the Top 3 Dance Albums Chart

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5 hours ago, polishmonster said:

that's why i hate that stupid grammy rule that does not allow her compete in Best Dance/Electronic Album...


4 hours ago, KEVIN STEVE said:

I could be wrong (people, feel free to correct me if I am) but I think the rule is that you can't compete in this category if you're known for being a singer more than a producer. 

Or maybe it's even more complex than that. Maybe you have to actually arrange your songs or co-arrange them heavily, thing that Gaga hasn't done yet

I think that rule changed not so long ago. They wanted to give DJs and Producers a chance to get in that category but recently said that they allow singers as well, albums and songs that are made especially for the dance floor. Didn't they submit Alice for Best Dance Recording after this?

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ARTPOP we stan

Queen of Dance Music 

the billboards awards are soon, so i think she will be nominated in this category..She's basically slaying it for over a year now

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