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Shang-Chi Trailer (September 3 2021)

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It looks so much better than  expected! :applause:

Excited! :woohoo:


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FFXIV WhiteMage


Kung-fu/Martial Arts fight choreography is my k*nk  :messga:


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I'm so proud of Simu. What a rise to fame!

If you guys haven't seem Kim's Convenience, it's a Canadian gem. So sad it got cancelled :( 

The excitement is REAL. He's also very vocal and eloquent on issues faced by the Asian community, so I think Simu is the perfect hero figure (superhero)  right now.  

Get the pinot ready, because it's turtle time.
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Yaaas I'm yet to watch Winter Soldier but this looks exciting!

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Looks really good, much better than Mortal Kombat lol, but that's to be expected from Marvel.


On another note, I'm still waiting for mainstream action movies showcasing Asian characters without referencing martial arts and "honor", or POC characters without making it about how their color is what gives them strength to overcome their struggles. And this could also be said about stories where the LGBT characters' only purpose is to either be comic relief, or to show their struggle with being LGBT. I guess I just wish characters would be treated as more than one-dimensional people...you know, like in real life.

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And low and behold that's Jackson Wang singing the song. A kpop artist who is also in a group called Got7

I really wanna see this though and I don't usually like marvel stuff. 

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I see Awkwafina so im watching! 

There will be comedy moments in this film and I cant wait. :applause:

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Not that it's a bad thing but I forgot this was a Marvel movie halfway through watching this :laughga:

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