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Modern Ecstacy

Hi all!

I recently bought this cement mini-sculpture and I really want to decorate it and DRAG it up. Something like in drag queen makeup, a Gaga inspired look, or anything in between.

I have water colours, so I'm not sure if that can work on cement, but apart from that, I need to create mini wigs. How can I do that?

Looking forward to hearing any inputs

Thank you!


Details: Mateirla is cement, Diameter: 9 cm, Height: 15 cm


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It’s got quite a distinct face, how about putting makeup on to try and change the size of its features as a little challenge? Like give it really big eyelids, or shrink the nose etc. Like below :) 


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Give it a gazing ball :koons:

And 911 head pieces :gayhat:

Seeing voices 🖐️🖤
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Gagas lil monster

Since when was there a traditional art section on Gagadaily :wtfga:

With Peace and love
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