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Don’t understand why Cayetana‘s annoying ass is still there but I’m hyped 

This could go really badly tbh.  I feel like they should have just ended it. Still excited to watch this but I’m hesitant.  Miss seeing the rest of the cast. 

Lu alone saved the entire cast so I can't wait to see how this turns out

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Seasons 1-3 were good and closed the story really well but was curious to see what would happen next with new characters. I must say season 4 is not THAT bad as I expected but it also feels like it's dragging the show too long now. I miss Carla, Lu and Nadia but they closed their stories really well that I wanted to keep an open mind and just enjoy the show.


Some of the new characters were not that good in my opinion. I liked Mencía (best out of the new ones) and the fact that she got paired with Rebeka (one of my favorites) made me so excited about this storyline and was probably the best. More Omar/Ander drama now with yet another third guy in the relationship. Ari was a bad attempt to have a new type of Lu character which I tried not to hate but most of the things she did were so cringe lol. Cayetana again falling for a rich guy, the abuser was an interesting storyline, curious to see what happens next.

Overall it was an ok season, love Guzmán but sad to see he's probably gone along with Ander. I'd be surprised if they manage to get away with what happened at the end, that was so random.


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Alvaro Moreno Ullrich

S4 is sooo dirty

Ari is a nice character tho. Fills up the the hole the holy trinity left (lu, carla and nadia)

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I can’t stand Patrick tbh… I’m tired of the Omander thing…. eh. 
otherwise it’s an ok season! 

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Skipped through most of the Ander/Omar/Patrick scenes past like, episode 3. So don’t really know what happened with them. Don’t care to find out either.

Pls. Short little Ari with her dump truck jumping on top of Sam before they did the nasty with that song playing in the background was the funniest thing. I don’t know why. Like, little girl, hop off that man before you catch something.  That is community d!ck. :ladyhaha:

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What a terrible season. No overall storyline. A bunch of pointless sexxx scenes, even more than before. They ruined all the original couples. They only characters I liked this time are Caye and Rebe. 

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Sneaky Oliver

It looks like Elite is not a big thing in the US?! It’s huuuuge here in Brazil. 

I liked this season. There were some moments that didn’t make sense at all. I mean… how tf Patrick invited that many guys for his pool party, he had moved into the town recently. Also he tells Ander he’s not about clubbing and f*cking and he’s looking for human connection then proceeds to be clubbing and f*cking all season long?! 

Manu Rios is so hot and gorgeous. Ugh I didn’t mind his low quality character :teehee:

Many people were calling Omar boring and annoying but he was…Right??? Like all the time. 

Mencia plot was interesting. The Prince plot was interesting. The Ari plot… well that was tiring and unnecessary tbh. The season finale was good too. The flashbacks made us think one of them did that to Ari but then somebody else did. 

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is it spiritual enlightenment or am I just over everything?
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