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Chromatica Song Shocked You


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Cookie Tookie

Shocked in a good way: Babylon :firega:

Shocked in a wtf is this way: SFA :awkney:

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The first time listening to the drop into 911 was an experience 

That outro of SFA I was literally shook and looked at my phone like this  

For me was when I realized Fun Tonight was not about having fun at all


I Never Heard The Free Woman Demo Until After The Release But OMG Free Woman Had Me Dancing Crazy! 

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Sine From Above because we finally have a chorus without vocals from Gaga.

¿Qué currículum tiene ésta tarántula?
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- "Malibu Gaga" :bradley:

- How unexpectedly hard Fun Tonight hit me the first time

- Robotic voice in Alice DRAGGED me straight to ARTPOP and back in nostalgia

- Enigma literally brought me to my knees - it was my first time I was really shook during the album

- the entirety of Sine From Above


Ugh so many memorable first times. Gotta admit, way more than ARTPOP or Joanne, and I adore both of those


Edit: 1000 Doves Piano Version reduced me into a hot, teary mess. I'd already gotten tipsy by then so it hit even harder :messga:

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'My name isn't Alice' honestly shook me and my boyfriend to the core. We looked at each other like... :bradley:

I had instant chills and thought her voice sounded so haunting and commanding. It's probably the most I've ever been moved by a song so quickly. 

The end of SFA also shocked me. It was so unexpected. I just remember hysterically laughing at it... because I didn't know what else to do :bradley: (I loved it, though) 

Oh, and the robotic vocals in Alice and 911 were everything. When I first heard them in Alice, I almost cried.

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Bloody hooker


This mutual gaze was a “longing to touch” or a "pre-coitus" stare.
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Sine From Above

Replay - at first I thought it'd be a song about music and dancing but when I heard the lyrics and the message behind the song it really shocked me! It's such a good song and a highlight of the album.

911 - I didn't know what the song would be about at first but it's just so dark and when it's paired with the instrumental it's just so chilling to listen to!

The whole album shocked me in general, Gaga has been personal with her music in the past but this record took it to another level. It made me sad to think of what she'd been through in that year and we knew nothing about it.

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Mister Gaga

Enigma. And it still gives me the same feeling each time i listen to it. It's so bombastic and explosive, i love it. Fav on the album

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To be honest, Fun Tonight. When I saw that title I thought "oh god, here comes some generic song about partying in the club with her gays friends" :ladyhaha:

Rain on Me
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