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[Poll] PREDICT LG7's genre?

Predict LG7's genre  

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  1. 1. Predict LG7's genre?

    • Country
    • Rock
    • Jazz
    • Disco
    • House
    • Synthwave
    • EDM
    • DnB / Dubstep
    • Metal
    • PC Music / Avant Pop

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I am extremely disappointed in the lack of a polka music or cowbell option 

I think disco would be the logical continuation of Chromatica, especially since she’s worked on some disco tracks not THAT long ago The transition from house to disco would be pretty smooth too,

i’d like her to do electro rock again. BTW is just on another level in terms of the genre combination she does & I think that style again would cement her status as a diverse, respected artist for

Butters Stotch

I expect her to do something that mixes disco and rock.

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Disco, I just really want a disco album from her as well.

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8 hours ago, Angelina Stefania said:

Lg7 is leaking! 


That’s “Money *****” by LeLe XO


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10 hours ago, Butters Stotch said:

I expect her to do something that mixes disco and rock.

Same. She's done EDM, soft rock meets country, electropop, jazz, etc....rock and disco is what is left and we know she likes both.

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Warhol Killer

I always thought about her creating a disco album since 2015, but right now I feel like it's already in trend and I feel like Gaga does not really follow trends. I'm honestly here for a fusion of psychedelic pop and electronic PC dance music. :pray:

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Delulu Rogers

I’d be here for a disco/funk or a pop/rock like heart of stone or plastic heart 

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HeavyMetal Halcyon

I’m thinking it will be house. (But more house than Chromatica) I feel like she isn’t done with Chromatica, or the sound of Chromatica quite yet. I don’t think she’ll continue Chromatica exactly... but I think there is a follow up planned.

She was pretty committed to pushing house music. With the playlist before Chromatica and the GagaRadio shows. We know she tuned down the extreme house sounds from the free woman demo and the early version of Babylon, so I think we’ll get a much more house-y album next. 

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I don't think she'll do country, jazz, or house, since the most recent albums will have had those. I don't think she'll do disco because she doesn't usually do something that's popular at the moment she likes to do something more unexpected.. I would love if she would do rock but I'm thinking maybe synthwave

Or else something even more unexpected like.. idk.. punk or something, which came after disco I think in the 70s? It was like anti-disco I guess

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Disco. I don't think she's ready to go back to Rock even tho id love that

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Whatever is initially decided as the next genre, don’t expect it to be what eventually is released

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