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[Poll] PREDICT LG7's genre?

Predict LG7's genre  

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  1. 1. Predict LG7's genre?

    • Country
    • Rock
    • Jazz
    • Disco
    • House
    • Synthwave
    • EDM
    • DnB / Dubstep
    • Metal
    • PC Music / Avant Pop

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I am extremely disappointed in the lack of a polka music or cowbell option 

I think disco would be the logical continuation of Chromatica, especially since she’s worked on some disco tracks not THAT long ago The transition from house to disco would be pretty smooth too,

i’d like her to do electro rock again. BTW is just on another level in terms of the genre combination she does & I think that style again would cement her status as a diverse, respected artist for


Am I the only one who wouldn’t be surprised if she retired after C3C? :hor:

before all else i am an nctizen
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1 hour ago, Why am I on GGD said:

After ARTPOP I literally never saw any of her future projects coming (except for C3C maybe). So I've stopped expecting or predicting things :laughga:

Hoping for something eclectic though. A blend of jazz, rock and pop to bring all her influences together into one sound. Her Bohemian Rhapsody :pray:

you always say you wanna predict things but i don't thing you actually wanna predict things because you would predict it if you wanted to predict things.

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I'd LOVE to see her doing  metal or a perfect illusion demo style (psychedelic?) album

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President Biden
3 hours ago, ARTPOPe said:

She ended Chromatica with a choir on Babylon...

The next album is a Gospel album.


produced by Kanye

I got drunk
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3 minutes ago, President Biden said:

produced by Kanye

'The Fame Kills' with its lead single Fun Tonight (Gospel Version) coming 2022


Stream Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land 🌺🌴🪐
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I say mix disco and rock. Give me power ballads, give me disco dance bops, give me rock, mix them all up. I Want Your Love teas. IJS. 

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3 hours ago, Lucas said:

After Joanne and ASIB many of us said we can't imagine her singing basic pop songs anymore and she did Chromatica

so whatever is next, it will be the opposite of what we expect tbh 

But like 95% of us knew Gaga would go back to dance music with LG6, almost everybody expected it

I personally think she'll make a dance album again, whether it's disco or EDM, because she missed the Chromatica experience. 

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5 hours ago, Schizophonic said:

well c3c is already announced.... 

so I don't think she will do a solo jazz album right after that... 

but I think we get some Chromatica part 2 or reissue thing 

the era feels sooo incomplete

yess or an EP like “the ARTPOP on Chromatica” would be absolutely perfect but we can only dream :flop:

I’m my bestfriend
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Monsieur D

I don't think she's doing rock (even though I WOULD TOTALLY BE HERE FOR IT).

I think it's going to be synthpop/Gagapop/dance.

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Imagine if Gaga were to release an R&B/Gospel album with tons of backing vocals and a choir. I could only dream... 

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