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Will Fearless (Taylor’s Version) change the music industry?

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41 minutes ago, President Biden said:

I hope Kesha does this

OMG IMAGINE WARRIOR RE-RECORDED!!! We're in for the serve of the decade. It would be also very nostalgic because that was the first cd i bought.

he/him | "This is my dancefloor, I fought for"
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I don't think most artists have such a disdain for whoever it is that holds their masters, like Taylor does for Scooter. For this reason, I don't think Fearless (Taylor's Version) will start a trend.

I would hope so, but Taylor has written all of her songs and that's why she doesn't receive a lot of backlash. Imagine someone like Britney, Beyonce or Ariana that has a loooot of writers and are at b

No. Most will just buy their masters if they care enough, but Taylor wasn't allowed AND she really hates Scooter Braun so I think that was what really annoyed her was that Scooter Braun would make mon

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