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32 minutes ago, PopMusicForever said:

I was referring to someone who said that even if you get the vaccine you can still transmit it, something CDC said NO just last week :) don’t jump to conclusions 

For mild correction, they didn't say no. They said that their findings seem to lead them to think this may be the case. That's a VERY different conclusion. This is the problem with the CDC dropping updates every other week. Science needs a LOT of data to give more accurate analysis, but the vaccine has only been out since, like, December. There plainly isn't that much data but high key Biden would rather dunk on Trump than instruct his admin to be responsible in public announcements. The fact is that so much information is still inconclusive purely because it's all so new. It's better to maintain certain levels of protocols even if you're vaccinated (like mask-wearing in public spaces, etc.).


Not saying we need to be locked down if we're vaccinated, but we can't just be like "oop time to return to total normal" when the science supporting that is inconclusive at best.

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In a panini?

Are we gonna give him the same treatment y’all have been giving Dua Lipa and Lana? Or are we going to make excuses for him?

Update: his response  Update he deleted it but it was this video  

Gagas lil monster
23 hours ago, BUtterfield 8 said:

Who’s the dude in your profile 

Yes don't be shy tell us please :ohwell:

With Peace and love
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7 minutes ago, thatfoxyfeeling said:


lmao he's really doing the most 

mmmy name ~isn't~ aliceee
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