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Chromatica Remix Album??

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Did this artist just spoil something?    are we in for a treat? Hmmmmmm...     

I'll be damn ready!   wait...just found this on youtube   

While he isn’t a totally unknown remixer. This seems to be a bootleg project. He said he remixed the entire album himself and he has released unofficial remixes of other artists in the past. Don’t bel


Gaga haven't released remix album since BTW, would be nice if she do that again.

Remember long time ago she said how happy she was when she sees fans showed her The Remix CD and literally implies real fans bought remix CDs too, aside from her albums when she signs a fan The Remix CD backstage. Memories. :giggle:

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ やれやれだわ (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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this remix is too Stupid Love to be right before Stupid Love imo but it's a cute remix

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28 minutes ago, Dayman said:


whewww my hope died right quick, thank you queen 

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4 minutes ago, U-GO-BOY said:

This is not official


just like


my Chromatica remix album :hor:



I love your stuff so much!!!!! I discovered your version of "Replay" yesterday and it's dope!

I have to laugh.
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inactive user

I mean I'd be here for a remix album like The Remix and BTW The Remix where is featured various remixes created by different artists

account no longer in use
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I feel like tagging the lmaoers to help figure out what exactly is so funny about this. Why would he lie? Who cares if it's "official"? I' so here for a synthwave Chromatica :giveup:

highly emotional era
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I would like to see it. I've loved all the remixes we've gotten so far. 

Rain on Me
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I'm also doing the entire record but a 90's/eurodance version with samples from actual 90's classics :oops:

I dropped the first song just a few days ago.. next one in two weeks.. I love how there's so many monsters that were inspired to make different takes on the record 

Shameless promo but here's my version of Rain On Me :ladyhaha::kiss:


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