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Official Drag Race España Thread | Congrats to our winner *Use Spoiler tag*

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This finale was SO GOOD omfg the last 20 minutes were so satisfying to watch:bradley:

The lipsync song, the first reveal, the second reveal, the winning announcement :fatcat:

SO proud of the queen, top 5 best Drag Race winners. 

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If they dont have a Sobreviviré lipsync I will riot.  

Please use the spoiler tag until the day after an episode airs!

Y’ALL!!!!   THAT FINAL LIPSYNC  That is one of my favorite songs EVER in Spanish and they KILLED IT.   Also???? That reveal???? WERK   This was such a good finale and EAS



First of all, that "music video" was a choice. They could've at least made them switch their outfits. 1 outfit for a whole music video? Makes no sense to me. All they had to do is tell them to change their clothes into something the contestants think it's iconic. Like, 1 new outfit + 2 or 3 old good looks from the season. They had A LOT OF GUYS in their Pit Crew, they could at least have used them as props for the "music video". The "music video" was painful to watch.


Now, let's talk about Carmen Farala's reveal! BEACH! B-Y-A-T-C-H!! Now that's a professional! That's so simple, wet hair for a rain song. Like, DUH! Obvious and perfect! That's why she won, byatch knows how to make stuff happen! You don't need no damn butterflies! Sometimes all you need is wet hair, wet hair is enough, so simple yet so iconic! That's talent


Carmen is one of the very few winners to never have been landed on bottom along with Bianca and The Vivienne. There's no question why she deserved to win the show! 

The only sad thing about this is not having new episodes.



I am authistic, so don't be offended if I make a mess sometimes.
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the fact that Carmen never watched a single RPDR episode, made 90% of her outfits on the spot, dissed Ruth Paul's lyrics, and WON :billie: 


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